This is what I got in my 92+ moments icon pack

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Svi 2021.
This is what I got in my 92+ moments icon pack




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  • Got rui costa😞

  • Bruh I got Shearer in my 92* moments pack for 7 tokens. Man is literally 92 rated and struggling to sell for 170k

  • I got moments kaka

  • Moments pele is not a cam

  • I got eusebio in the 91+🥴

  • Phahahahahahahaha 4-2

  • I got maradona , W

  • Say another word about johnny evans I’ll do your knecaps in

  • is desailly a w or l in the 5 tokens pack

  • I got f*cking hierro 😭 from my guarnteed icon moments pack

  • I'm jealous of that moments Ryan Giggs

  • I had the 92+ moments pack and got R9 moments 💪🏻

  • I got giggs 🥲

  • I’m an arsenal fan so I’ll take that flamini if you don’t want it lol

  • what are the packs he opens called

  • Tbh id take pires over the inzaghi i got 😳😳3:00

  • Deserved.

  • Can any1 tell me where I can buy these boxes. Open the cards

  • Where can I buy some packs for those cards?

  • Those cards for example the beckam one what are those cards called ?

  • Castro crying over Zambo anguissa not realising he just packed the fucking goat

  • What if he order another one and gets Beckham again :O

  • What are those card thingys?

  • Y is there fucking fifa card like pokemon on my recommended

  • Castro is the goat 2 beckhams bro ggmu

  • Hello my brotha

  • 790k is basically is million. Castro

  • In the moments icon pack 5 icon swaps I got Kaka moments is that a w?

  • I got moments vieira in my guaranteed moments pack

  • Pele isn’t a cam moments on fifa 21

  • هل في شخص عربي

  • Hey Castro if you’re reading this I think you should make more videos where you show more than just fifa packs

  • ًهههههههه

  • This is exactly why I didn’t grind for icon picks. Instead ive done the 81x25 83x25 and 84x25 Packed hella la liga tots and completed coutinho, pique, courtois sbcs

    • I was going to do 2 icon packs but thought fuck it, done the 83x25 and gonna do the icon player pick, my 83x25 was bad but it was enough to complete tapsoba

  • Man seeing these cards i remember futera

  • I packed moments puskas out of the 5 token moments pack

  • Thanks for the video

  • Where you buy your cards plz

  • i got klose .... :(

  • I'm a Leicester city fan I'll tack that Evans card

  • First time seeing Castro's bad luck

  • I did 84+ 20 I got 95 varane

  • I got zola W or L

  • Yo. Where do you check all that stuff of the cards. Where can I buy them, where can I sell them, where can I see the value. Someone reply pls

  • I got Puskas from The 5 Tokens Moment Pack i think small w

    • Big win, since his prime is 13 swaps, u basically saved 8 token and even got the best version of puskas

  • That moment when he packed Pires XD

  • Where do i get those cards he be opening 😂

  • Sorry but who tf be buying these cards lmao

  • 4-2 let’s gooooo

  • He opened my pack and got 4 tots and 2 informs in the same pack and didn’t even put me in the vid nice

  • I got riquelme feel good

  • 2-4

  • Love your vids

  • How much are these boxes he’s opening?

  • What panini box was this

  • Got larrson in the 5 tokens pack

  • I got ballack from the moments pack, that’s a W right?

  • Can someone pls tell me what kind of panini cards these are so I can buy some

  • What is freeda mode

    • He should put a ring on her already

    • @Jelco Keppens thanks bro Thought it was Free-da mode (free + pita)

    • Freedom mode = non subs can chat also in twitch

  • "That's his weak foot" 😂

  • The good thing is he put the pack opening at the start of the video

  • Hey gays I think Liverpool lost 😞

  • I got Pele in a 92+ pack

  • Castro i packed a Jesús Navas tots in a 75+ rated player pack

  • Bro i got maldini lolll

  • Funny thing is, i got baggio from my div 7 rewards and he got it from his 92+ pack.. lol

  • Flamini aint worth 30 bil but hes got a business that has potential to be worth 30 bil, hes a millionaire but nowhere near billionaire

  • Undte Get cok Lets go Liverpool 4-2 ahahhaha

  • How do u buy them cards bro .. like the packs bro

    • @-Imcraziesoul - the little card things he's opening at the end ?

    • u have to pay ea

  • Baggio

  • Varchester Poopnited got shit on today

  • what is the name of the cards he pack from panini

  • Nobody gonna talk about the moment icon 93+ player pick

    • @Felix Beck but no one can get it yet so what's the point of talking about it anymore? Everyone said their piece when it came out already

    • @Blunt Katana bc its a big pack

    • Why would they?

  • 2 David Beckhams in a week. There is no fkn wayyy

    • @skrxtch Panini Impeccables

    • What are these cards called?

  • I got tots suarez in my silver 1 rewards!

  • I got nakata out of my 5 token

  • I played this vd in 1.25x and castro talk like he from the hood

  • I got Eusebio from the normal moments pack

  • Hope you lose 0-1 from Villarreal in extra time

  • Ca$tro

  • 4:2

  • 2-4 vamoss 😌

  • salam 2-4

  • You know it's an L when the title is not: OH MY GOD I PACKED A SICK PLAYER

  • clicked faster than benzia bums batesons fiddle

  • Sheeeshhhhh

  • I packed prime icon moments pele already

  • 😂🔥

  • WEVE concerd all of Europe were never gonna stop

  • I got fucking bergkamp. Went from😃 to 😡🔫

  • What is the name of the packs he is opening?

  • Liverpool 🤡

  • Early

  • your videos boost my vibe

  • Less go

  • Very good video I watched it

    • 20 min vid and it popped op 8 min ago and you are saying good vid

  • First dislike

  • BaGGio😎😂

  • noice

  • Sick vids