This is what happens when you submit 11 TOTS into an SBC pack

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Tra 2021.
This is what happens when you submit 11 TOTS into an SBC pack




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  • Jewander pack Two trent after you block him

  • Take out Mukiele

    • O nothing thank you chat

  • “You need 9 rares and 2 rares” Castro, 2021

  • Castro says he would get Cole in a attacker icon pack

  • Mans said Buy her a car if she packs Viera Or Maldini Even if The pack is Attacker Only 😂

  • You get cantona i get mid overmara

  • Thats me in chat

  • Man should buy her new shoes 😭

  • 07:31 is what you here for

  • This is what happens when you put clickbait titles up, views can't be that slow Castro, grow up.

  • do submitting my weekend league team into boulaya


  • I like how he said an icon attacker pack so much and still was saying about packing Maldini, Vieira, Cole🤣🤣

  • Castro aj3 got moments r9

  • Someone got moments cruyff on tiktok

  • What he get for submitting the full tots team

  • Castro should still get pita a car after that pull guys come on get a car sir like my comment people

  • You look like masvidal but you aint sleeping!

  • 12:45 opening an attacker icon pack meanwhile castro : it would have been Cole , a LB.

  • I would have got Cole LB from an attacker pack 🤣🤣

  • Lol you GOT bruno and luke shaw and they is going to be tots


  • I opened 20 player pick i got 4 team of the seasons and 11 walkouts

  • Please have Pieface as a guest on one of your videos soon it would be legendary 🔥👌

  • I got a navas and then right after in a player pick I got 90 tagliafico

  • Castro takes “good fodda” to another level

  • Milo = Zwaar underrated

  • How your man thinking he's getting Maldini, Vieira or Ashley Cole from an attacker pack?

  • Lets gooo im in castros vid i was thebone who commented that pita got crusty ass shoes

  • Vegas is nearly back to normal now Edwin come through

  • I just got in a 81x25 awb

  • Buy her a Multipla KEKW

  • You won’t put 44 icons into forward icon pack

  • aj3 packed r9 moments in the attacker sbc

  • Opened 15 got 2 walkouts

  • I can’t believe you put mukiele 😭

  • Castro when he packs Cantona - He’s good foda

  • Castro my guy you talk soooooo much , be a lik quicker on opening these packs :/

  • Saudi Arabia boys are the best fifa player’s 🇸🇦

  • I packed moments Puskas in the Attacker icon pack

  • King Cantona Najs

  • aj3 got moments r9

  • Pls find the Lord o mighty Jesus, he loves you and wants you to be with him, he will guide you in life and help you with certain stuff and he will give you the gift of heaven and who doesn't want that but pls find Jesus, have a blessed day, 🙏Amen🙏

  • polska gurom!

  • Love from Albania✔️

  • Bro when I watched this on his Stream BROOOOO

  • GGMU 😈

  • German Boys Where you at

  • that nike hoodie is fire, where can I buy one?

  • Ashley Cole in a attacker 😎

  • Not him thinking he can pack a Maldini CB out of an attacker icon pack.

  • Went from 40k likes to 20k likes oh no

  • man said viera but didnt realise its an attacking icon only

  • Yawn. Still so dumb to do.

  • Submitting 11 99s into a player pick

  • That Bruno Valverde guy seems insane

  • Buy her a car if she gets Maldini in an attacker icon Pack😂

  • Castro's face in the thumbnail 🤣


  • The thing castro was saying about gambling blackjack and he said about watching a streamer play blackjack was darkviperau aka matto

  • Only real ones saw this live. 👇

  • Everyone is talking about the players he packs, but no one talks about the pack opener 🥲

  • What a good video

  • Aj3 packed moments r9 @Castro1021

  • Loouvz packed r9 moment

  • this guy swapped out mukiele for zielinski instead of helik

  • How do you get this many player picks? Someone help?

  • Its an att pack you dummy not a def one

  • “Bruno Valverde” 😂😂😂 Castro always has me questioning my FIFA knowledge 😂

  • The best pack opening ever

  • FATASSTRO, real ones saw it first 😏

  • Castro : Maldini would be good Icon ATTACKER pack : Are you fkn stupid

  • Stroopmannetje = zwaar underrated

  • Die kale jonge met 1 bal die op een foetus lijkt = underrated

  • Early squad 🔥

  • Amazing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • this is what happens when ur poor and you watch rich people lmao

  • He casually gets cantona whilst I get fucking vieri 😴😴

  • ive done 24 player picks and got 1 walkout. R.I.P

  • If u see this u might like 😉

  • 🤪

  • I love you Castro ur my idol🗽

  • Die kale jonge met 1 bal die op een foetus lijkt: zwaar underrated

    • "that bald boy with 1 teal ball that looks like a fetus: heavily underrated" Translate🤫 PUSH THE BANKZITTERS TO 400K FOR THE STROOPMAN!!

    • memvis M wat een grandioos goeie prenk

    • @memvis M niceee

    • @memvis M ehhhh prenkMeister zeg

    • @memvis M prenk

  • 12:38 Castro saying he would’ve got Cole in the attacker pack 🤡🤡🤡

  • £10 bet he does it again 😂

  • R9 moments into an SBC ? I don't think he can do that

  • suck fifa

  • I can confirm to you guys as an eyewitness testimony that Edwin Castro AKA fatty is The biggest sell out and part time streamer in the United States of America. We still love him though lol

  • 🔥🔥


  • What’s first? Castro hitting 2 mil on yt or Liverpool getting Europa league

  • Next one - 11 icon MOMENTS ALL OVER 500K

  • New 👍🏻💅🏼niceee bro. Love from Croatia 💙💙

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Team of the season is here the end of fifa21 let's go

  • Early sheeesh

  • Castro please reply it would make my day🥺

  • Gang

  • Where the early boys at?

  • Dhjs