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  • Aj3 got moments r9

  • U owe Greg 10k

  • the badest 11 set i ever see

  • Poor Greg

  • I watched it live him screwing Greg with the pick, but damn son this still hurts to watch

  • I'm so angry on Greg's part

  • I hope this man have the most unluckiest packs for the rest of his life

  • Wtf bro wtf??🖕🏽🖕🏽

  • Nah that’s a real dick move castro

  • What are you doing discarding another guys rewards

  • That wasnt even funny castro thats fucked up

  • What is Castro doing not picking AWB for poor Greg o went through the sweatiest WL of fifa 21😢

  • Thanks for the video

  • Poor Greg😔

  • That’s too far not taking Wan Bissaka

  • OoOooOoo its HaRvEy BaRNes

  • Greg really got two wan bissaka biggest F U to castro

  • Hahahah he got trash I’m glad cuz Castro is shit

  • Why’d you do that u prick

  • Huge fan love what you're doing! Heard you talking about working out I own a gym here in Dallas(Iron Bar Athletics), come hit up my gym I'll show some workouts and we can talk fifa.

  • I feel sorry for Greg he didn’t deserve it

  • Is that chug rug

  • news tomorrow: fifa streamer killed by man named gregory

  • you did greg dirty

  • That move u did on Greg was not done man

  • I stopped in Gregg 🤢

  • U messed up his red bissaka he gets 2 and u didn't thats karma i guess😂😂

  • This dude sucks! How could u do that to someone! Dislike 👎

  • Tots mukikiki

  • “Fuck you greg”

  • R.I.P Greg Happiness

  • I got Larsson 87... bro Imma Take My own life or something

    • @Vukan Jocić I just Got Soucek in the Pl guaranteed tots

    • Just stop playin the dead game save money for fifa 22

  • The cruyff is mine (:::::::::::::::::::::

  • You have to say, with EA only giving 15 players for TOTS, you’re pretty much guaranteed a big card from the Ultimate TOTS pack. Still bummed out about it though, I love seeing 20+ TOTS in one team.

  • Hi

  • sheeeeshhh chain

  • Most entertaining fifa HRwikir

  • Didn’t even take buendia man 😭

  • Is it just me or this guy looks like post malone?

    • Just you mate wtf????

  • thats not content bro, no matter what Greg might have done on a different game I'd never screw over anyone like this.. not being snowflake just facts.. big dislike!

  • F*ck you Greg😂😂

  • You oppened for danish pro players

  • g you owe Greg something xD

  • Castro thats not funny of not picking wan bissaka what if someone did that to you

  • Castro is the goat 🙌

  • You openned for many danish gays this vid

  • Why’d you do Greg like that 😭

  • I’d be pissed if I was Greg, that not even funny for what he went through

  • Did bale get a tots?

  • Whos greg?

  • we just witnessed Greg’s villain origin story

    • That’s so peak what Castro did

  • castro no one that has a chance to get a good card will want to let you choose their card.because of you not choosing the wan bissaka. that man grinded for that.

  • Gregory is the name of authentic big floppa so better apologize or he will start a war with Mexico

  • You did gregg dirty man 😂

  • mukikikikikiki

  • There will be a 96 Harry Kane with 88 Pace, 97 Shooting, 92 Passing, 92 Dribbling, 55 Defending, 91 Physical

  • POGu

  • Can’t believe he did Greg like that

  • That ain’t cool ngl. On Greg smh

  • What is that kit of cruyff?? How can I have that?

    • Lyon 4th kit it’s an SBC

  • Don't let him open your rewards, why do you even do it ?

  • Hi

  • Hurry up merch to the moon🌚 🙌🏻

  • The one and only “Mukukikiki”

    • And the one and only unkunkuku

  • Poor Greg

  • u relly hate greg

  • I pulled mid R9

  • “The Argentinian Messi”😂

  • LMAOOOOOO I know Greg is tight😭

  • Love all those danish fifa accounts

  • sheeesh

  • Die kale vent die ze horen op het tentenkamp met die lekkere zus = Underrated

  • Was that a perfect link??


  • Castro the Maestro 🔥🔥🔥❤️💪🏾💪🏾💯

  • Castro the 🐐

  • 6th

  • I was laughing so much when Greg sent the voicemessage to you 😂😂😂

    • @kilipikonna joojoo😂

    • @Vatenho tarkotin nimenomaa sitä striimiä twitchis siis 😅

    • oli hauskempi liven :D

  • Imagene not replying to me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • @ayeyooohesus

  • I love u Castro!

  • Vamosssssss!!!!!

  • GGMU Btw, luke shaw deserved a 90+ lb tots card

  • Love Ur content mate

  • mukieki Noiceeeeee

  • Everyone here at same time?

  • Castro didn’t do Greg shap

  • King edwin

  • Castro united with the 6-2 dub,makes us happy my guy6️⃣2️⃣

  • When it came I immediately tapped on it

  • Thanks for everything castro

    • @Jonathan Guiomar ye being ther for him when he needed him most u don’t know the situation people can be in

    • @GOAT not being negative just asking ... the guy's thanking him like he did a lot of stuff.

    • @Jonathan Guiomar u being negative maybe he had a bad time during lockdown and Castro helped him and entertained him think before u speak

    • What did he do to you ?

  • Castro is the 🐐🐐

  • Give Me And The Boys Some Fifa Points!!! Please Please Please

  • Early

  • Vamoosssssssssss

  • Free greg

  • gimme fifa points please

  • Tommorow is my birthday

  • Hi

  • die kale met een schreeuwende vader = underrated