Opening packs on FIFA 15 / FIFA 16 / FIFA 17 / FIFA 18

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Tra 2021.
Opening packs on FIFA 15 / FIFA 16 / FIFA 17 / FIFA 18




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  • Why did u laughed at mohammed salah and mocked him why cause u r a utd fan i am utd fan too but i respect him

  • Koulibaly changed his nation 😂😂 from france to senegal

  • How did salah become worse with his weak foot?😂

  • Fifa 16 was elite, It was like yesterday man 😔

  • Huntelaar 🇳🇱

  • Why didn't carlos link to bale?

  • In the end nakata is big win

  • People in fifa 21 would use your card as a cb on 7 Chem 😂

  • till this day I still get nakata 🤣🤣🤣

  • Wait can someone explain mi the Castro Card. I’m so confused.

    • He did a 50 Hour stream for charity


  • fake i min tiori igen

  • det är väligt fake i min tiori

  • Toxic united fan as always

  • Good ending:))

  • Imagibe saying you're a United fan and then naming your dogs after an ex City and Liverpool player lmao...

  • Harry lampard the new and improved Frank lampard

  • I miss FIFA 15 card design so much

  • I will gladly take these cards from FIFA 18 because I play Squad Battels myself and now it's hard to get good cards contact me 😅

  • Stolen from fifalosophy

  • Castros hatred for Liverpool players is laughable, he’d kill someone to get Thiago and salah at man united

  • No credits to Chris?

  • The WC update for 18 was my favorite

  • You didn't choose braithwaite😭😭😭😭

  • This Moment when you packed Nakata 😂😂😂

  • When people used to play fifa to have fun and not to win...

  • Castro does realise Salah is top scorer in the prem right?

  • Fifa 15 was my favorite by far

  • Week without a upload whats going on dude

  • The old Man City badge aswell - damn

  • LOVE the nigerian kit

  • Can we still play fifa 18 on the PS4 guys?

  • I'm Brazilian, you can't talk about Neymar's clothes. He has de drip.

  • FIFA 15, last FUT I played and then FIFA went downwards after that.

  • Fifa 18 was the one

  • Harry Lampard 🤡


  • fifa 15 looked so good

  • God damn this guy is so cringy man hes gotten worse somehow

  • Why did you quick sell Huntelaar

  • 👍🏻

  • Salah fifa22🤣

  • Hi i love your videos

  • When everything was fine and I was happy :(

  • forgot about silvers in gold packs

  • Cklickbait

  • I fucking miss the old daysssss

  • Thiago back when he was good. The fucking shade !

  • Brooo I remember watching you get that purple Castro card on Fifa 15 once you finished that 50 hour stream

  • Adama with 61 physical😂

  • die kale die marks nichtje wel ziet zitten: underrated

  • Jou stole the idea of fifalosophy

  • This was epic.

  • 😪😪

  • I packed prime maradona on fifa 18 world cup

  • This video just shows how dead fifa 21 is we’re not even In may and we’re going on old FIFA’s till fifa 22

  • The records😬


  • Man I wanna cry now, bringing back the good old days watching pink slips and shit 😭

  • piszczek may brother

  • Kaulo erg gemaakt van mathy

  • So much memories with youuuuu

  • Why is he so loud?

  • Legit hope when they make ronaldo and Messi icons they are same ratings 🤣

  • Son injured hahahah

  • The red inform is a future champs

  • In fifa 17 i think naingolan was the card to go every statt over 90😍

  • Why does castro hate huntelaar so Much?

  • piszczek hahaha

  • you sound like one of the guys from Simpson

  • Idee: @fifalosophy

  • FUT birthday or record breaker on Fifa 21 is the best card art ever

  • Is it Adam Johnson lol Charlie adams disgraced

  • Sheesh

  • Castro's 33 years old? Hoooooly

  • Stop telling

  • We will never see Ronaldo with those stats again. That hit different

  • Nothing will beat fifa 14 World Cup! Goated

  • why does he hate huntelaar?

  • 21:16 Predicted Nakata, it was obligated bro, 99% of the time you get him

  • Honestly I don’t get what ur problem with Liverpool is. United are literally getting hard carried by Bruno

  • Your more gullit gang than gullit We should name the players that there gullit gang castro gang

  • you stole it from fifalosophy 😡

  • Brings back memories

  • can you still play with these teams or only open packs ?

  • This should be Salahs fifa 21 card.... Salah is top scorer in the league 🤫🤫🤫

  • Matthys concept


  • you pronounced "Piszczek" perfectly in Polish :o

    • o siema

  • Nakata 🤣

  • Wait is Castro really 23 years old

  • 21:19 OFmanny energy

  • You got my height right 😂😂

  • Isn't he 5'8" ?

  • I mean he did technically get a Brazilian icon it’s just the Japanese Pele

  • My man talking about Salah 81 rated, he just bought Bruno 75💀

  • the old pack animations i miss those

  • Beckenbauer=becnabor

  • augsbuuuurg

  • I am a friend zanoxvii