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  • Should I play Ben yedder at Cam and Bruno at CDM and Sub in a player to replace IF Renato Sanchez to play on the wing. Or should I play Bruno at Cam and Renato Sanchez at CDM and sub in a player to replace Ben yedder to play on the wing?

  • What happened to time stamps

  • I got vardy

  • Castro had a fatstroke

  • youre so irritating its actually unreal stop screaming

  • i opened 4 and got ederson, dias and mount 😂

  • Iknow castro will be mad now, but i packed tots rashford in the free sbc 50 k pack... and then open 1 80+ rare prem player and get tots ederson

  • i’m that guy

  • I got TOTS De Bruyne from the PL Premium Players Pack lol

  • No wonder I don’t get shit in packs 😐

  • TOTS Kane in PP-Packs 🤯🤩

  • This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen from you

  • “ESSIEN”

  • Thanks for the video

  • Guys just an FYI he packed rashford yesterday I watched the stream

  • I packed kdb on the 80+ PL

  • Lol the 80+ are the best have gotten salah cancelo dias ederson gundogan soucek

  • My brother got salah soucek and ederson in the 80 plus pack in one day

  • I got from thoes vack to back ruben dias and luke shaw


  • That Werner praise got an instant like from me

  • The icon was prime moments puyol with a 85 rated LB called elder from hull city. No problem in advance

  • Timo’s positioning is really bad. Last game against real he was walking on the dumbest spots

  • I Got Ruben Dias tots in the Premier league (80+) pack

  • Yesterday’s stream was such a vibe

  • Bro ricardo santos is mad 6’5” cb, 99 strength and 99 agility

  • May the 4th be with u

  • Castrooo I wanna see you open packkkkss you talk a lol too much man :/ but I live your content still 🤌✨

  • The guys overhead was better than whatever u could do tbf

  • 80+ are soooo trash. Pl premium are far better

  • New title: Castro saying sheesh for 15 minutes

  • Habebe🇸🇦❤️

  • I did only one 80+ pack and got a tots

  • I got Bruno in a 84+ player pick

  • Rashford pls, BRUNO BRUNO. Silence.......

  • Is it me or does Castro pack an icon every pack opening

  • man said icons and its a PL upgrade lul

  • Thank you castro. You inspired me to open +80 pl pack and from my first pack i got tots son

  • Castro diss Nick28T

  • Yo castro wouldn't you do team takedown with capguntom? Or squad builder showdown with AJ3? I think youd be fantastic at both of them and your so funny the banter would be a great watch 👌

  • Bro why are tots rashford and Bruno not in this video, you’ve already packed them last night

  • The United lineup killed me😂

  • EA accounts...

  • Castro discarded 94 Ederson wtf

  • let’s be honest the people that only watch his youtube we never know what he’s talking about

  • bro can i just pls have 1 of your 50 gundogan tots😂

  • 💍 Pitta u coward!

  • Got tots cancelo in 84+ player pick

  • Lovin Castro's hairstyle

  • I’ve opened 40 of those packs and didn’t get one blue

  • i liked immediately after that "HABIBIS" habibi castro😂❤️

  • Castro: if an alien spawned in your room right now ... Me high AF: WTF WHERE 😨🧐

  • הוא אמר חביבי

  • Bro he’s fast as fuck! 😂😂😂😂 that run! 🏃‍♂️

  • if he was a protestor he would block up the entrance

  • Lads I got tots shaw or tots ederson or tots dias in the 84+ pp haha and I took ederson I'm dumb asf I already had shaw doe

  • I done 50 BPL pack upgrades, and 63 player picks, and got 4 EFL tots and that’s it

  • Die kale met 1 teelbal: underrated

  • COYI ⚒

  • I got bruno but i´m a citty fan

  • I done 2 packs and got tots mount an eddison

  • castro cute


  • Icon icon icon icon 😂

  • Just back from school and see this beauty.

    • @lol rip neek

    • @lol rip neek

    • @lol rip Damn you done alot with that mate congrats👏

    • nerd

  • i got ruben dias and auba out of the premium ones

  • Mullet Castro will never be topped

  • Habeby😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yesterday’s stream was the best stream ever!! With the weekend and drake🤪 also rashy and Bruno 😎

  • As he whould say: LET'S GOOOOOOOOOO

  • I got gundogan on a 80+ premier league pack i screamed so hard

    • I literally got him in an 84+pp as i was reading this, i love u so much for the good luck lmao

    • Screamed without the s?

  • Sheeeeeeeeeshhhhhhhhh

  • Hiiii dude

  • He packed two icons on one pack Castro u missed Harry Maguire sheeeeeshhhhhh

  • castro i think u should make a clips channel

  • Candice

  • Gun - du - gun

  • youtubers is big drop

  • Habibiiiiiiiiiiii❤️

  • Castro with the mullet is legendary

  • czy ktoś go rozumie?

  • You skipped Helik.... Im sad

  • Who else is watching this during school?

  • ששששיייישששש

  • Souček!!!!😍😍😍😍

  • Castro needs 8 packs to get a tots Me opening 50+ packs without a tots

  • castro is overrated no cap

    • He spends half the vid waffling about his twitch chat it’s a joke

  • Mount is the best midfielder in the world

  • Whoooooo he screams

  • I got Harry kane Tots from 80+ pl upgrade 😀

  • bro, stfu

  • How many subscribers can I get from this comment I currently have 191 subscribers

  • Bruh wth I was wearing the same hoodie before watching this vid lol

  • Fifa is getting so boring

  • Jemand aus Deutschland?

  • Didn't know my fingers could click so fast

  • I love you castrooooo

  • We are going on a summer holiday

  • "Shit on my chest"??? TrueGeordie???

  • Hey castro if you read this can you dm me on insta it would be so cool @sgtmoritz insta