MOMENTS ICON & Messi in the same pack! The rarest pack ever! FIFA 21

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Tra 2021.
MOMENTS ICON \u0026 Messi in the same pack! The rarest pack ever! FIFA 21




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  • Who sings that Marroon 5 cover memories you play on stream

  • we dont care if you put r9 in SBC or not

  • he still done it and has 33k likes lol

  • Sometimes i forgot EA is behind castro’s packs...

  • I open an ultimate pack and get visca and Paulinho :(

  • hit 40k lol

  • Die kale foetus met een lekkere zus, 1 teelbal en die geweldig kan zingen: zwaar underrated

  • Boggles my mind that messi quick sells for less the 1k but Informs quick sell for 9 or 10k

  • Are you mexican?

  • my guys thinks he’s good while scoring wit momments r9

  • Dude did you not notice Zlatan?

  • when is he gonna learn that not that many people give a shit what he puts into SBCs? youve probably spent like 100k on fifa

  • Uppa Celtic

  • messi is like 100k right now bro....

  • This is my last video i watch before my first proper exam

  • Someone did. the barca in the Chat before messi Pops up

  • For f***k sake like

  • I packed 92 wan bissaka in a 80+ player pick 😅

  • Thanks for the video

  • Put more gameplay in vid, I really like seeing u play

  • Get a haircut

  • Moments icon Messi 2 informs 1 rare champions League And ibrahimovic INSANE PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Castro is so fkn cringe now nobody cares who you submit in an SBC WHEN YOU HAVE 30 MILLION COINS BRO

  • Die Lange kale gast: underrated

  • Petition for castro to post more gameplay on this channel

  • Legit I’ve had 1 tots and it was wan bissaka wtaf

  • 4 icons in one pack, hiero, messi, ibra and buffon

  • Messi is fodder

  • Wtf are these comments

  • I got Nkunku in my 83 x 10 pack

  • The danglers have been mad recently. I got TOTS Clarke Harris, and the danglers were TOTS Krul, cheeky little keylor navas and Ronaldo

  • not taking merit but spending 8 thousand dollars a month on fifa points until i can

  • You always pack good stuff was new

  • 20k left

  • Die kale van de bankzitters, underrated

  • Good vid

  • Yet again a lion is next to the goat

  • moments and the 🐐

  • Si alguno me presta el fifa le puedo pasar monedas.. mi ID moretoloza..

  • You du know you have packed r9 right?

  • I got muller as my best player out of my 83x 10 pack

  • Bro i pulled a tots from a bronze pack

  • He was gonna do it anyway (11 tots in a sbc) @castro1021 EXPOSED 😂🤣🤣

  • Everyone: omg I packed Messi Me : nice have fun with your 110k if you sell him 😂

  • ‘i will put 11 tots into an sbc’ buys the cheapest ones

  • How do people still play this horrendous game

  • Oh wow a pack worth 450k very rare

  • I love how he looks to see if he’s recording every tile he’s packs something good 😂

  • Alleen maar bankzitters kijkers hiero

  • so happy there's some proper editing, but the chat needs to be there only when there's a reaction instead of always being on screen it's too busy

  • 1st it was R9 in a SBC, then 11 TOTS. WHO CARES!?! He will use bad TOTS cards anyway

  • I was on live when this happened

  • Die gast met die stroop: underrated

  • I know somethin you said after that opening sbc statement 😏😏😏

  • Die foetus met 1 bal en stroop met bananen eet: underrated

  • sbc meal deal that is

  • 3 icons 2 informs in 1 pack

  • *sees blue, screams Wan Bassaka*

  • The King

  • I love castro but he reacted to the pack b4 it even popped up

  • If manny opened that pack he would bring out the belt then he realises it Ibrahimovic and rakatic

  • I was in live

  • Messi is just fodder

  • The bald guy who has just one testicle and who eats syrup on his banana; underrated

  • Messi good sbc fodder

  • Megnuts ! Megnuts !! Lol 🤣

  • وينكم يا عرب 😂😂

  • sometimes i forget i am in the HRwiki then i double click the screen to see the chat and i skip 5 secs 👌🏻

  • Manny would have hated that pack

  • wrm zie ik alleen nederlandse comments

  • Castro: rarest pack ever! Guy who packed a prime icon out of a silver pack: lmao hold my beer

  • Sometimes i feel castro treat us, youtube gang, like we aren't part of his stream. We might not have the time to see the whole stream live, but we stand w u ma men

  • Why he dont upload his fut champs highlights

  • Moments icon and future icon in a pack

  • Just like the video it won’t do u harm

  • great fodder

  • I packed moments seedorf in a rare mega pack

  • U have fucking tons of coins just buy wan bissaka from market mate

  • I love seeing clark-harris in that team

  • So I did the Chiesa SBC, and I packed ToTS Alaba from it! Finally a good pull!! :)

  • Castro looks fit today

  • Guys like but the team gotta be about 2 mil

  • You just got 2 icons and a Messi in a pack............ don't forget that Ibra is the best icon

  • Hate knowing who u packed before you packed them

  • Petitie: voor castro in de bathtub

  • Die Kale met een lekkere zus: Zwaar underrated

  • You found and English Comment Bois, ur welcome

  • Petition for castro to start releasing gameplay videos on youtube

  • I was sure he’ll put that R9 clip in the video 😂😂

  • I got mbappe in my first pack and eusebio in my second. This was in div 8 rewards so it was very bad packs. I packed it around christmas

  • When’s it’s 6 am but you see Castro uploaded a video

  • مكسيكانو

  • And zlatan*

  • Die kale die alles met stroop eet: zwaar underrated

  • Die gast met dat lekkere zusje: zwaar underrated

  • Hey guys the video starts at 0:00 btw

  • You packed Gignac and Ibrahimovic in the same pack. And some Messy guy who is good fodder

  • That bald guy with 1 ball: underrated

  • That psg kit tho🤩

  • Love your vids keep up the cracking game work