I packed TOTS Rashford & TOTS Bruno in the same pack opening!

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Svi 2021.
I packed TOTS Rashford \u0026 TOTS Bruno in the same pack opening!


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  • Castro screamed like he fell off a cliff or even worse him discarding his team and club. 😆😆😆

  • Bruno cover your ears

  • He trash

  • Overmars

  • Castro. Who is yamos when you packed rashford because it sounds like you quickly think what to say a you made up that word

  • Should I play Ben yedder at Cam and Bruno at CDM and Sub in a player to replace IF Renato Sanchez to play on the wing. Or should I play Bruno at Cam and Renato Sanchez at CDM and sub in a player to replace Ben yedder to play on the wing?

  • The calf has a higher drop by EA and gets excited to be embarrassed

  • Mancunian GOATS

  • I got tots vardy in my 84+

  • 21:02 what the songs name???

  • Goooo niners

  • EA trying so hard to push pack sale's to the extent content creators are even calling who they pack before the pack opens. Thank God I have an RTG

  • Browns and united fan, respect

  • Them alexander mcqueens lookin mad tight

  • jd

  • boost acc

  • When he was screaming When he got bruno and bruno just holding his ears

  • EACLOWN !:)))

  • The stream with dreek and weekdays was the best

  • widen that opening a little more and it becomes a tunnel

  • Thanks for the video

  • Ofcourse you pack Bruno no surprise

  • 21:18 that reaction bro 🤣

  • TOTS mount W or L

  • I packed bruno from 80+ prem 😀😀

  • 17:32 no problem

  • 15:40 someone bid on moments laudrup for 1.1 mil 😂

    • Coin transferring probably

  • Cry now laugh later

  • i got TOST Salah in the 84+ cuz i talk way too much shit about how rigged this game is and finally something

  • castro is the mexican post malone

  • Let's go cityyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Castro doesn’t miss, banger video every time. Meanwhile all my videos aren’t the best but I’m trying to improve to one day create as good a content as you

  • Imagine spending about 80.000 usd on a game and still over reacting on this bullshit game knowing he’s on EA’s paylist 😂😂😂

  • 9:15 9:25 Clip!!

  • De Guy with de stroop op his mouth: underrated

  • I have 2 Frenchies, and they also love to get laces from shoes.

  • not castro taking an 80 rated instead of 85 lukaku bc its a dup

  • And where is this tick about the mancester United? Castro

  • bro packed dias and called him fodder 😂

  • I opened 30 premium PL packs and didn’t get 1 TOTS😐

  • How much you paying for luck?

  • Is it just me that rlly finds Castro annoying

  • H E R O

  • 21:23 he was screaming so loud bruno covered hiss ears

    • @Rohan BHAI yeah he did 😬

    • Wtf Man U copied my comment not cool 🥲

  • 🥶🥶

  • Mahrez TOTS > Rashford

  • Castro: and Roma is good Roma in 7th in Serie A

  • Why I can’t hear thewood or the weekend

  • Man said United will win the 2021/22 champions league 🤣🤣🤣

  • Watched on twitch watched on yt

  • Yes because EA take care of there bootlickers accounts, shameful how you still promote this game

  • man said dias is a city fraud

  • ex on the beach tunnari lol

  • Hahaha he thought Ronaldinho

  • The way he is saying Dawood's name is wrong the wood part of his name is supposed to rhyme with food and it's a common name in South Asia and the Middle East

  • I packed tots mount in 84+ player pick

  • Bruno’s covering his ears cause Castro screamed to loud 😂

  • Your dog is SOOO CUTEEE!!!!

  • The aaaaaaaaah would be perfect with I feel good

  • Was it just me but did anyone misread the title as ‘ I packed tots rashford and Bruno in the SAME pack’ still a good vid Castro much love bro keep up the grind

  • Fani pack

  • Dawood looks like Vikkstar and Drake made a collab

  • I got tots gunda in my player pick and had a choice of a saudi tots aswell

  • Can someone explain why those people were their and why we couldn’t hear them?

  • Follow meq on twitch

  • Why was dawood camera so zoomed in? 😂😂

  • 17:34 and 21:10 is what your hear for

  • Wow I got cancelo in my 84

  • lol I got ronaldo in my 84+😂😳

  • in my 84+ i got salah and 2 other tots to chose from

  • lamela was the second player when castro packed Rashford and Bruno

  • 21:10 for bruno

  • 21:10 and 17:32

  • rashford: 17:24 Bruno: 21:10

  • On the 84+ I got tots mount

  • Dias better than than united defense so shush

  • Castro do 84+ opening

  • Beating Roma in a Europa league semi final and thinking you’ll win next years champions league..... ok mate hahahah

  • Of course you did

  • We want aa9 vs Neppo for the game show plssss👌

  • Every time Petta comes onto the face cam “ I NEEED A SHOOOWWWEEEERRRR”

  • I got prime giggs in mine, just as bad as overmars

  • Who still plays this scam game

  • Brunooooooooooooooo brunooooooo!

  • I got moments Okocha looks sick havnt used him yet w or l

  • Insane how he got Brake and the weekday on his stream

  • Castro is the only American too know Europe is not a country

  • I've done 30 of them and best I've got was odegard

  • Castros neighbours turning in bed from the noise

  • Where is the best keeper in man u historie Peter Schmeichel

  • How dare you call Dias a fraud

  • Manchester is red X Manchester is blue✓ Hok oh

  • By castros logic Spurs hit 6 past Man U who put 6 past Roma which means Spurs will win champions league

  • Meq is da king

  • Yo that’s crazy

  • I got vardy from the player pick

  • Ur pack luck is so good I did 50+ of those and got 1 tots: Ederson - duplicate untradeable

  • The beast joke: man utd will win championse league in the next season🤣🤣

  • Kdb>Bruno