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  • Packed him just now in a 80+ player pick

  • عربي اللي طلع له ميسي حظه 😂

  • Bro i packed messi from 80+ player pick

  • I done one of these picks and got Jesus navas

  • I packed messi twice lol

  • castro's streams are too hilarious

  • G.O.A.T

  • In player pick 85+ I got Benzema 97 TOTS 😎😎

  • I,am from norway

  • Im from israel

  • The material barbara unequivocally wipe because kohlrabi steadily chase given a imminent expert. plant, horrible push

  • Castro!? You never pack a player get it in your head. Your just buyin them from EA

  • The hissing dress decisively complete because employer directly post against a cagey printer. snotty, guiltless mailman

  • Love you from israel 🇮🇱🇮🇱

  • 17:50

  • I'm changing my game language to Arabic

  • I got to chose from Benzema and Messi in my 1 laliga 85+ player pick. I also got Suarez from Wl player pick and on laliga 25k packs I got carasco moreno and on the first laliga 84+ player pick I got to chose from Llorente and Alba. I took Llorente and Messi

  • Castro: They nerfed it. Me: getting Carrasco in the 85+ pick and Varane in guaranteed tots

  • I did 10 player picks and got tots benzema, fekir, Llorente and carasco beat that!

  • I got 97 benjema from a 80+ laliga player pick

  • Is team of the season koande 88 was it a W from my second 85+ pick from my first one I got team of the season casamiro 94

  • I just packed Messi aswell today

  • Thanks for the video

  • I feel bad for saying that I got TOTS Suarez TOTS Varane and Kronos in my Laliga 85+ player pick

  • Gonna change to arab before opening pack then


  • I got messi in a 80+ player pick

  • Yeah bro they look like Chicken legs.. even i have Chicken leg's aswell ngl xD

  • Liverpool > united

  • I packed moreno three times😭😭

  • 2-4

  • I was gunna do la liga garenteed but couldnt so i dont the 85+ player pick and got frenkie de jong 🥰

  • I got oblak erler

  • I did 5 player picks, got TOTS Kounde, Carrasco, and Suarez

  • L

  • I know I packed 91 rated jesus navas

  • You must pay ea

  • They nerfed it. Castro packed me Casemiro and didn’t even put me in the vid

  • In begining of the video Castro: im stupid Me: Yeah you are 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Castro not packin

  • I packed him in a mega pack ur not special

  • Gocha hat

  • Castro representing the Ramadan Kit has made my day. Loved by millions for a reason!

    • @Hugo Villem imagine being a foul and disgusting human being. You should defo know that.

    • Imagine being religious and thinking there is actually a heaven and god 🤣 ridiculous

    • @zahizahi15 we dont need your negativity

    • bro it’s a Fifa kit my guy he didn’t just end islamophobia💀

  • bro just leaked his whole adress

  • They nerfed it . Me who got 94 de jong this morning. Happy eid everyone

  • I opened a gaeranted team of the season benzema

  • I got another tots out of the 85 + la liga player pick

  • I was watching this live, got sooo much rubbish in the 85 pp then got Messi...

  • الي طلع له ميسي امه داعيه له هههههههههههه

    • @برشلوني متواضع خلاااص ههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

    • @SHAREEF ٍA_S لا تسوي طالع منها يبو شريف 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • @Ahmed _H هههههههههخخههههههههخخهههههههههه

    • @SHAREEF ٍA_S مسوي اجنبي يبو شريف 😂😂😂

    • What the? Speak English plzzzz

  • Where is my Norwegian vikings?

  • Holla

  • You got a thigh gap lol

  • Today I packed TOTS Messi in a 80+😱😱. My first big pull this year🎉🎉.

  • I got messi tots from a electrum pack i cried

  • What the fuge

  • fuck castro he’s such a annoying piece of shit. go watch NICKRUNTHEFUTMARKET

  • I packed varane from the 85+ lol 😂😂

  • Did this guy just showed his address

  • I got benzema in the 85+ player pick

  • If this is your first time watching Castro hes weird and a creep

  • I open one and I get Messi 98

  • He got dem calves from the amount of wait he gotta carry

  • Good one Castro pointing the address thing at the camera

  • arabic players so lucky hhhhhhhh

  • Ramazan mubark

  • Straight up: so stupid how people can just talk so much shit to streamers, but if they clap back, he’s an asshole. It’s so dumb

  • I only got 1 team of the season guess who OBLaK

  • Lol that Maradona painting white around mouth and nose 🤣🤣🤣

  • Where does Castro live

  • Mom: Wanna go to the store with me? Me: Yea! ”Castro uploads a video” Me: Ah nah shit I think I have Corona think imma stay home in like 19 minutes and 24 seconds

  • I got an 86 inform ractic out of an 85 plus player pick 😭

  • Llorente or kounde?

  • Sheeeeeeeeesh

  • I put all I had in the guaranteed la Liga SBC and I got a duplicate Lucas Vasquez now I started a ROAD TO GLORY

  • You leaked the senders address

  • I got Messi Tots too in 80+ player pick

  • @oblak this is gud FODAH

  • I got Suarez and Messi tots in to diffrent 85+ player pick LaLiga

  • I got two frenkie de jong from the playerpick later from the garanteed

  • Spoiler: He packs Messi.

  • La liga tots was so good. The players were accessible to get. I got tots de jong etc. Meanwhile prem tots was just soucek gundogan EDERSON and that’s it. Impossible to get anyone else. Meanwhile la liga you have a chance

    • @Mr123mvp it is did a few more got griezeman tots Moreno and tots llorente which luckily I had a tradable one in the club and sold the tradable one it is cracked

    • I got moreno 4 Times, Llorente 2 times, benzema, oblak and navas. The 80+ player pick is literally cracked

    • @Spencer VonBank same here, quality content this week imo

    • Best la liga TOTS I got was oblak which for me isn’t bad and for the Prem I got TOTS Bruno and Rashford

    • @_M. alematsa lmao no they weren’t, I’ve packed about 7-8 la Liga tots, good ones as well

  • The one who got messi's pack is arabian ❤️❤️

  • Bro I got de jong out of my 85 + pick last night 😂

    • Unlucky I got my friend tots varane but tried picking David Silva

    • Same!

  • You think shaw is good or bad ?

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  • I was waiting or this video

  • Sup

  • i was there

  • 500th Like :DDD

  • Early gangggg

  • Noti squad! ❤

  • today I got WALKOUT BLUE ARGENTINA ST Aguerooooooooo!!!!!!

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  • Eid Mubarak! Hoping that allah will accept your fast!

  • Free Palestina 🇵🇸 and eid Mubarak

  • We move !!!!!!!