I finally packed a 98 TOTS!

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Svi 2021.
I finally packed a 98 TOTS!


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  • My pack i got, lewa, neymar and lots of fodder

  • Robert Lewandowskiiiiii łatwooooo

  • Om the left

  • 4-2 phahahahaha

  • How is lewa faster than Messi ??

  • if you never had white cheddar cheese it’s you’re not human

  • Lewandowski prosto z polskiiiii!!!!!!

  • Lewangolski, love you polish legend!

  • If ur British you’ll understand 12:25

  • Daaaammmnnnnn Douglas Coaster

  • I didn't get a walkout in my 81 25

  • My man said Foden lingard and Greenwood like they deserved something for the TOTS 😂😂😂😂

  • I got pele 99 with Liverpool Kit

  • 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • 15:53

  • That Beautiful Norway shirt❤️🇳🇴

  • Hello Castro do you wanna open my 81+ player picks?

  • Hm who could it be...😂

  • Meanwhile Miniminter still packing Andre Silva

  • Pay2Win squad. absolute garbage gameplay. a puppet of EA

  • Kimmich is so good got him from the 85+ pick the man plays striker with waman and Mbappe, and he is still insane


  • What did everyone get in champs

  • Castro does something. Anyone else: this is man is sus af.

  • Literally packed lewandowski for free from the 83 + x 25 and also packed muller from the 84 + x 20 for free not wasting money on fifa points

  • I saves my icon swaps and got Aboubakar

  • I packed tradible lacroix in my marcy machups lol😂😂😂


  • Lewandowski is a Freud

  • imagine loosing to liverpool haahahahahahaa 4- 2

  • hahahaha 4 - 2 liverpool hahahahahahahahahahahahaaha

  • Congrats on packing lewangoalski dawg

  • Cant get over how foden didnt get a TOTS

  • I got Messi tots in 84+

  • Why is he using the Norwegian shirt??

  • I don't like fifa but I only enjoy watching bc of you Bro keep it up

  • 2

  • my 84+ was similar, 6 tots and guerrero if + hella walkouts

  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • 👨🏿‍🦰👩🏿‍🦰

  • Get you someone that looks at you the same way Castro looks at his corndog 18:25😂😂

  • india opopo

  • That ending was something else 😂

  • 17:56 Wtf, that looks like some snap chat effect😂

  • Castro is the sort of a United fan that wants Haland instead of a good centre back, a good right winger and a good cdm

  • I’m so gassed everyone knows Danny 😂

  • since it is tots how do i make a lot of coins to buy these players

  • Was my man eating a glizzy

  • Netflix: are you still watching Someone’s daughter: 17:37

    • nice

    • nice

    • @Saud ‘’ hahaha

    • @Saud ‘’ The joke is people do the dirty while watching Netflix and Netflix says "are you still watching" after a while

    • @Saud ‘’ youre too young then lol

  • “No reus” 😂 convinced this man has never watched a game of football


  • Castro likes that Saugus

  • When Castro is susssssssss.

  • 2

  • Polska gurom

  • Israel or air????

  • I thought for like a minute that that pack was a 11 tots cards in a pack

  • Which pokemon is sabtzer?

  • Castro looked like the child who is sitting all alone on the playground bench and enjoying their snack LMFAO

  • Stop suck it bro

  • “Oh he got Neymar Pog” 😂

  • nice

  • Where are all the comments with the time stamp of the pack ?

  • Castro the glizzy gladiator

  • number of 98 rated tots from bundesliga: 1 meanwhile castro tells the rating in the title and hides the player name in the thumbnail... hmm i wonder who it could be

  • 18:36 soooooo sus

  • My 84x20 was dead lol my 81x25 was better

  • Lacroix is pronounced la-croua

  • Thanks for the video

  • Should i open a 83 x25 or grind a little more for the 84 x20?

  • Ngl kimmich should be 94 there isn't a single stat over 96 and goretzga should be 94 aswell

  • That kinda sus

  • I packed 💩💩💩💩 on 84+ pack😤🤦🏽‍♂️

  • The chat was so toxic😂

  • In my 20x84 i Got 0 team of the season players and only 2 voulkouts

  • Dude I miss when youtubers would actually get excited packing 90+ players instead of this lame shit. Even if its on someone else's account the game is just dead now

  • ok


  • Castro y did u stop being hype when u see the Mexican flag 🇲🇽 so sad

  • I got coman sabitzer and ghezzal from my 84×20.

  • Er du norsk?

  • I packed tots messi in the laliga 85+ playerpick

  • Pls Dont Use the Kanté Emote where he is Sitting on his Bike - a Streamer is already using it!

  • Some get Tots Kimmich frim 81+x25 and I got Vertonghen... wtf man

    • @FBI I couldn't believe my eyes

    • I tought mine was bad with 2 85’s and a 84

  • F in the comments for waman

  • Do you think the reason the epl got f’d on content is because fifa and uefa are super pissed about super league controversy?

  • 98 Wampanoag totally not lewangolski

  • Norge!!!!!

  • Lol rip Danny aarons 🪦

  • Who could be the 98 Bundesliga TOTS ST? I wonder.....


  • PL Gurom

  • i saved both my 84 and 83 pack and only got 2 walkouts combined

  • love the danny aarons cameo

    • @bk make it 2nd 😂

    • @Dixon Cider like right at the start

    • @Chris Aquilina kind of ironic to call him the most annoying on a Castro video

    • Hes a fucken irrit

    • @Chris Aquilina .

  • Kto z Polski? Any polish guy's?😈

  • Thanks for the video

  • Early today boys💪❤️

  • Davies TOTS on the CB is OP!