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  • Tiki Tequila

  • Jokes On you Castro we’re in the middle of a 6/8 week heatwave


  • Brother from Another Mother

  • i got tots De jong in the 88 plus

  • Floyd made 100m

  • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • I god fing oatamendi

  • Mbappe let’s go

  • When 10 days rtg to be continued

  • When ur reach pro boxing gotta “Logan Paul Walk out”

  • We have had 10 days of sun in the uk that’s amazing for the uk and what did you expect it’s just for money 🤣

  • Swamp ass tequila

  • Mlayali ano bro kaztro😂

  • “Is the graytest.”😂

  • First 90+ Navas, second 90+ fonte, then the 88+ straight after and fonte again fml

  • I got benzama on the 88+

  • Yo I need me some of the timo tequila

  • I packed Mbappe from the Ligue 1 premium players pack last week, i won at last

  • This dude is so cringe

  • This guy is just not funny

  • is it just me or is 'mudded' overused

  • Why did he leave the rtg???

  • Got bruno in 90+ then tavenier in 88+

  • حلو خوش بكجات

  • Thanks for the video

  • are you papi material?

  • Thanks for the video

  • how do you feel about mexico losing

  • castro’s i got one thing to send you here

  • Dallas didnt Play good i am from Slovenia i watchd Dončič it was shit

  • I got coates in my 88+ and then romero in my 90+

  • “Today is the year”

  • All those Portuguese CB's and not one Ruben Dias

  • RTG?!

  • bro i got 2 fontes😂

  • Fonte simulator

  • Duuude, thats not the picture of a Cicada 😀😀

  • After this video i actually realise im quite blessed with frenkie from that pack

  • Rtg?


  • Love y Castro and love yah content

  • I got Harry kane and kimmich 😂😂😂

  • I got a Casahmiro in my 90 +

  • Castro where’s the rtg

  • Why have you stopped the rtg 😭

  • Got tots Nani in a 80+ upgrade

  • Lmfao @ Paul won.

  • I got Rossi is that good?

  • When are all the fights?

  • I see all theses shit packs and I’m sitting here happy af that I got benzema

  • Pita tequila

  • What did he get in champs on the rtg

  • I got barnes, w or L

  • Castro literally never listened to the song fireflies 🤣 wtf is a lightning bug bro

  • they are called a bee not a zakay

  • What is the competition with Shakira, dua Lipa and the rest about??

  • Where is rtg

  • Logan Paul: gets knocked out Castro: LoGaN wOn

  • Before you say Mexico wasn’t the better team I’ll come back to this comment when they win copa oro

  • mexico was prolly the better team but didn’t capitalize on their chances

  • Guys I moved to America *insert pic of innocent man shot


  • They come out every 17 years, and today is the year 😂😂

  • Mexico was NOT the better team 💀

  • I only did the 90+ major sbc and got Mason Mount

  • You need to start a channel where u post everything except fifa (GTA, fishing/IRL, cards,etc)

  • Let’s be honest my home country is gonna win here we go Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • I don’t understand how some people get dope players and I keep getting shit defenders and goalkeepers from the TOTS. Romero and de virj.

  • Can you post gta clips becouse they are amazing?

  • Was up vining with the beast like if you agreee

  • Where is the rtg!!!

  • Inmage a fly called the Castro fly 🤣

  • The card was worth 1 million dollars

  • How can castro say logan paul won the fight?? I mean, it's a dub for him because que gained money and fame. But in the ring, he just hugged, floyd clearly won

    • Fr, that's what I said as well, he wish he could be as good as Mayweather

  • Mexico looses the final Castro: wE WeRe tHe bEtTeR teAm

    • @blinkers only in my mind the best is the one that wins.

    • @Mtt 8040 you would be comparing a lampard chelsea to a tuchel chelsea

    • @Nabil Aslam if they were they would of won

    • @Nabil Aslam if they lost they weren't

    • They were tho lol

  • Floyd won

  • Packed de bruyne

  • I got Baku in my 88 + and coman in my 90+

    • @Haroldinho haven't got enough fodder then 😂😂

    • That’s alright I wish I could do them

  • I got depay w or l

  • I got Andre out of my 90+ pack and out of the 88+ pack I got tots son XD what is life

  • Anyone else got fonte 😢


  • I’m pissed I gave up many good players for that 90+ tots and got that cdm from Austria

  • Where is cj ??? That whati think when I see your neighborhood

  • I got N’dombele out the 90+ and Son out the 88+

  • مين عربي

  • i got tots rashford... major L :(

  • I got 92 Andre and 94 Navas what a L

  • When Castro said he was England because its raining, little did he know, in England it's the warmest days of the year

    • Been sunny for a week its probably a record for us..

    • He’s not talking abt rn, he’s talking about most of the other days of the year, just because we’ve had a few days of sun doesn’t mean it’s a sunny country all the sudden

  • Gg

  • Where the RTG at?

  • I got CR7 from my first and only 80+ PP and Salah from the 90+ major

  • I got 2 fonte's ffs

  • I got navas and neymar

  • I got 93 rated nani to chuck into the Navas sbc

  • Only done 90+ got insigne

  • Daka and casemiro😂😂😂

  • i got donnarumma and navas bro... wtf

  • I got arreola and A cheeky navas. BIG L