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  • Harry's next card will be with a city shirt or who knows, maybe Haaland gets his first card as a city player too

  • On s'en bat les couilles de tes cartes pourri

  • Ba vezi ca Ai furat fata de thumbnail de la @valueHD

  • Anyone know when the other 9 tokens for swaps come out?

  • How much is a box of them impeccable cards

  • Where them cards he opens called or from

  • Chris wood would slap up da kiwi

  • only funny cuz loud imo

  • bro says full backs at cb overrated but my man has moments R9 💀

  • I’ll take WOOD

  • Did u hear United won Oh wait... 😂

  • United lost

  • how much do those impeccable boxes cost?

  • Yo Castro what happened to man utd today🤔🥱

  • How much guys now the Lukaku yessssssssssssssssssssss from ArisIgnafifa

  • Its luke shaaaaw!

  • Hello from New Zealand I will willingly take the Chris wood off you since he one of the only players from New Zealand who’s gone pro

  • Danny arrons Is goat

  • Fellaini is the dirtiest player of all time change my mind

    • Awful statement


  • What website do you get those impeccable boxes from? And do they ship to Australia?

  • greetings from Indonesia, I hope the subtitles of the video will be given.

  • castro was defo high in this vid

  • I got Lukaku in the guaranteed pack

  • Get another league for impeccable other thab EPL all the time!!


  • why didn’t he stream today

  • Hi Castro if u ever fly out to England I can arrange for you to meet the whole United team lmk if interested

  • Does anyone know how much that signed grealish card is ?

  • Hahahaha Castro said grealish plays for Burnley hahahahaa

  • I also got dalglish was so gassed

  • FIFA can fuck off😂 I did 40 of these and got 2 tots?? How are these streamers getting this many

  • All that is wrong, each time the number of matches played changes, it means that it is not you who opens these packs or it is old videos

  • i got henry but he turns like a firetruck

  • Can i know what is that card name and where can i buy it

  • Belgian jersey😍😍

  • I got Pele From the 92+ honestly when I saw the brazil CAM I thought I got Rivaldo... I hope that happens to whoever is reading this and you all have a nice day

  • Keep doing soccer packs opening

  • Hows that Lukaku

  • Can I get the bobby for free?

  • Castros ball knowledge is 0 to none

  • fun fact i was the 44th dislike

  • Brandon Williams is awful 😂🤣

  • Where does Castro get those packs ? Of cards I want to buy some

    • @Rian Kelly yes where do I buy the pack ?

    • Do you have a spare 2 thousand lying around ?😂😂

  • Where does Castro get does cards I want to buy some ? Where can I ?

    • prolly online website..he mentioned that he got it from his local stores too

  • Castro-Is it Part of his underwear (Smells it) 🤣🤣

  • The first 1 i got nestelroy this time i got king keny92

  • Real One's Saw it live ❤️

  • Only came for bolingoli

  • Ok first of all, its Tuesday

  • I got mathaus..... is that an L or W because I really don’t know how to play him I have too many midfield....4-2-3-1, I have CR7 striking, 92 mount, moments deco, POTM Lingard, Fred, neves.....help

    • @TheUltimateGamer I dropped neves....neves has 90+ long shot, 99 shot power and 99 free kick....damn

    • @Reecey Bob will do thanks

    • I have the same problem also got mathaus

    • Drop neves

  • Hia hia

  • Thanks for the video

  • I got xavi from mine

    • Got Best and was going for him in swaps so I'm very happy with that

  • What a scammer I lost 10k channel points

  • I got 98 ronaldo from 80+ player pick hes now 10 games 22 goals hes so good

    • Without ronaldo

    • @Joe Awofala no mate I’m dub 3 and my time is like 4 mil

    • Well No shit. And let me guess you’re in division 10 and the rest of your team is like 10k

    • GG

  • Rip René het beertje 😔😔😔

  • Koen is een ginger

  • Congrats on the weight loss Castro

  • We dont Care about your cards. Just open packs shit

  • Who cares that cards...

  • He was definitely high

  • Open 11 card packs and buy the players you get on fifa and play WL

  • Wait how did someone get a 91 rated player?

    • Different pack, it was a moments also

  • Run me my money

  • HI

  • from where can I buy this cards?

  • Belguim?🤡

  • Hello Castro.. is there any way I can send you my one and only seria pp!!!!you must be amazed to know I've packed CR7 TOTS.....FROM that seria tots pick.. I have that snap and my sqaud's snap with me for verification... I want to get it viral by you man...

  • Did he do the SBC for TOTS Lozano?

  • How much for the jarrod bowen card?

  • R.I.P. Renee het beertje💔🕊

  • I got berkamp... wtf EAAAA

  • How he got 91 Rijkaard if its 92+ ???

    • @T R fr that’s what I was going to say

    • That was moments bro It was a different pack

  • What?? 96 Rated TOTS PACKED?? You know the only 96 rated TOTS you can get is Lukaku right?

    • If he says who it is then people won’t click on the vid

  • i got lineker im crying

  • Where cane you buy that football card packs?

    • They’re $2000

    • You can buy them if you have a spare 2 thousand lying around 😂😂

  • What are those cards you buy bro? Looks nice bro

    • They’re impeccable boxes they cost like $2000

    • I think they cost a looooooot

  • When can I pack well?

  • Bro,please do lots more real pack opening

    • Why are these fake?I don’t understand

  • im gonna pack cr7 tots if the goat streamer replies to this comment .


  • 96 tots packed is a good title if there is more than 1 tots that’s 96 rated

    • @Dylan he’s not hating on Castro, it just could have been better if he didn’t spoil it in the title

    • U clicked didn’t u? 😂

    • @Brook Stone calm down brook, he’s saying there’s only 1 96 rated tots in packs rn meaning we know it’s lukaku tard

    • @Brook Stone he just spoiled the video because there is only one 96, why are you getting mad

    • Are u stupid it means 96 team of the season packed you don’t need more than 1 96 plus to say that 🤡

  • Already good day and yk it’s gonna be a good day when the former bodybuilding Castro posted a video in the morning with a hot pocket and soda

  • castro i’m watching you in school rn and my teacher said i’m not gonna take my phone away bc ur watching the GOAT CASTRO

  • Wasssup

  • 96 Tots can only be Lukaku ???

    • Yeah but if he doesn’t say who it is people who don’t play the game but like watching will click to find out

  • We don't care if ur 1st or 2nd

  • WAG1

  • Should I do Mine?

  • salve pro brasillll !!!!

  • Where is kakavision

  • +1 to pack tots ronaldo

  • Hey please pray for palestine people they need you all

    • @Joe Awofala I didn't ask you to

    • No

    • @OnurCanKuchen See my comment

    • @Onurcankuchen you don't have if you don't but Palestine people are dying every for no reason because of tourists from Israel

    • @Noud Schoenmakers oh

  • Who is trying to touch tips

  • Man Utd are shit

  • 🙌💩👏🤲🏿

  • I am eating lunch and waiting for castros video and there it is

  • Hi

  • Hi