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  • Lol I spent months and months getting swaps n I get prime moments Frank Rijkaard

  • i got 93 henry is that a w or l

  • yaellopezalonso

  • Explain how Cantona is in the Prem HOF

  • Best moment on te lw

  • What a intro that was?

  • Yeahhhh course

  • God Castro it’s only prime cruyff Haber was the one who packed moments 😂😂

  • When u realise he didn’t put cruyff on the title to milk the views

  • We are in august 🤣🤣🤣

  • Got that joe dirt hair piece going on my guy lmao

  • Got that tots arrons from 86++


  • got moments best

  • What fack

  • To mógł byc Gullit na CF

  • Write ابو نايف in youtube and see his last video

  • Where Is zanoxvii

  • In the llegends part were is van de sar

  • Hall of Fame 1. Henry 2. Kasper S 3. Roy Keane 4. John Terry 5. Rooney

  • It’s a moments icon if it has that light black triangular piece on the right side of the head or behind

  • Castro>all icons

  • That "Sheesh" is genuinely really irritating

  • They need to add in fifa22 new icons like gabriel batistuta,GK from brazil Tafarel 2 of man utd great players teddy sheringam and yap stam also french GK fabian barthez

  • Jumping about like a mad man with the dog. 2 seconds later. I have no idea what sets off this arthritis...

  • Castro is the best fifa player

  • Wheres van Nistelrooy in that hall of fame damn

  • Castro a Browns Fan?

  • How to identify a moments icon can also be 3 lines on the top left and right of the card when it comes out

  • And then nepenthez gets moments garrincha and is calm

  • I got mid Zola how beautiful

  • Castro can always supply with my nighttime content great work

  • Imagine putting roy keane ahead of stevie G 🤣🤣🤣

  • Castro Norway win 2 time over Brasil at that time cr9 playd


  • Who is gonna tell Castro we are not in August

  • Castro: imagine someone getting moments R9 Me: packing moments R9

    • Write ابو نايف in youtube and see his last video

  • Just saw that aj3 packed moments ronaldo 😬

  • Tony Adams

  • I got dea gea and muller

  • Castro is fat

  • got moments cantonaa

  • youtuber is big drop

  • i got mid wright💀💀💀

    • I got inzahgi💀💀💀

  • Is 92 pim Owen okay?

  • 300k coins for sale £10...ps4 only..let me know if interested.

  • He left beckham from prem hall of fame over vidic?

  • "Ladies and Gentleman"

  • Where can i vote that premier league hall of fame dude?

  • italiani ?

  • I never realised Castro had Tekkerz like that

  • We the arabs taked the vacation and you not😂

  • Hi twitch

  • Привет от Кефира😂

  • I got 94 cruijff😶

  • I wouldn't want castro near my dog you dirty dog ;)

  • I got moments dinho! So gassed!

    • Sorry castro you really fell for that, it's a attacker pack!!!

  • Put my whole club into it and got drogba

  • terrible hall of fame picks. Drogba Goals= Yakubu Goals. Roy Keane, good at shouting that is all. Viera is so so so much better. the others fair enough.

  • Of the attacker pack

  • Out

  • I got base litamen

  • opkomende stroopman: underrated

  • so I got moments R9

  • Cruyff was my pack‼️‼️

  • My first TOTS is the objective one✌️

  • I was there for the prime cruyff

  • I packes valverde Tots

  • Real ones saw it live

  • Die kale met één teelbal die stroop eet: underrated

  • Cringe

  • Didn’t even choose vieria 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • When you collabing with Danny Aarons??

  • Makes me sick how u say people’s names talk normally u fool

  • I got moments owen and I put prime Owen in it lol still a W

  • Castro: "What is VW mean?" Me an intellectual: Volkswagen :|

  • Didn’t he cut his hair

  • Castro the beast

  • 11 minute video and I had 4 fucking ads, wow sellout fraud Kappa

  • Lol bruh I was finna buy the exact same hoodie from Kohls but now you got it now I don't want it

    • @Castro1021 lol they have a green and black one with the same design then people don't mistake us for a couple 🤣

    • nah bro we can match together...

  • da king

  • I SWEAR ON MY LIFE I GOT PRIME MOMENTS PELE IM SHAKINGGGGG (if u dont believe me look at my yt u wankers)

    • @chi ken yeah but i done 14 prime icon packs in total i never showed u the larrson suker yashin puyol hierro inzaghi i just show u the good ones

    • My bad man im gonna be honest i thought it was cap because of how greedy ea is

    • @chi ken check my yt

    • @Swagadon check my yt

    • @Brandon Allan check my yt

  • Anyone gonna talk about how the title said 20 and he did like 9

  • he bro, you want video that you discard my 15 mil team? with toty cr7. this game makes me so sick

  • Thanks for the video

  • i got 99pele

  • Castro math: 20 = 9

  • Really annoys me how these youtubers know nothing about football. Not picking scholes or Cole is just a joke.

  • Should I do the icon attacker I have pretty much enough untradeable fodder to do it and I know it’s risky

    • @Ryder Gatenby do it nothing to lose since they’re untradeable

    • @Jordan why not

    • no

  • Castro livin in august already

  • He cant driblle his dog😂😂😂

  • Watched live m8

  • Bruh he said we’re in August😂😂

  • Bro! That was not even 20packs🤣🤣🤣

  • Cute Dog Castro!

  • No one gonna bring up the fact it says 20x Attacker icon Packs and there’s only 9 or so in the video.... Scamstro

  • Shouldn't they all be in the hall of fame.

  • Hey I got moments crespo is it good?


  • god this dude cring asF